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Hand Knotted Carpets
The beauty and durability of a hand knotted rug is beyond compare. We offer hand knotted carpets in 5 different qualities: INDO NEPAL, TIBETAN, TIBETAN THIN, A-KNOT and SUMAK.

The rugs in our Platinum series, our most exclusive, are made of 75% wool and 25% silk. Platinum rugs made using the INDO NEPAL technique have the most dense knotting, about 1200 knots per dm2.

Platinum rugs made using the TIBETAN technique are made with thicker knots and thicker threads of yarn creating a more vivid style. It also has a longer pile that are more roughly cut.

TIBETAN THIN is a tight but slightly thinner handknotted carpet with a shorter pile. Iti s made from either 100% New Zealand wool with a cut out pattern or apattern in a viscose-wool blend. The blend gives the carpet a beautiful lustre and shine.

The rugs in our A-KNOT series are made with medium-sized knots, in 100% wool. A-Knot rugs are similar to our tufted rugs in appearance, but they have less yarn and are more durable, especially for floor with heating systems. A-Knot is available in most of our carpet designs.

SUMAK is an ancient knotted technique but new in our collection, which looks braided, the pattern is raised in a pile.