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Designed by Mats Broberg & Johan Ridderstråle 2014.

This rug is a hand knotted Platinum Indo Nepal, one of our finest rugs. A hand knotted base in one-colour-wool with flower petals in a Tencel™-mix where some of them have an elevated pile to enhance the feeling of real flowers. Our finest quality with over 120 000 handmade knots per m2. Approximate weight: 4,5kg/sqm.

The Fleur rug was designed to give the classic flower pattern a modern take. Inspired by the floors of a flower shop, where a bunch of different flowers were thrown from a high ladder onto the floor, creating a realistic, one of a kind, beautiful pattern.

Available Materials:

Base / Pattern: Hand Knotted 75% Wool 25% Tencel®.

Available Colour Options:

Base: White (01) or Beige (24)
Pattern: Set Colours.

Available Alternatives:

We have some standard sizes for this carpet, rectangular or round.

Standard sizes:

Fleur Platinum Rug 90 x 150 cm
Fleur Platinum Rug 160 x 240 cm
Fleur Platinum Rug 200 x 300 cm
Fleur Platinum Rug ø 180 cm

Also available in custom size, price/Sqm.

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