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Our Philosophy

ASPLUND´s philosophy is to offer products of high quality and timeless design, manufactured as sustainably as possible.

ASPLUND is aware of our responsibility as a producer to make furniture that will last a lifetime and more — furniture that several generations can enjoy.

Producing in Sweden, benefiting the Swedish furniture industry and maintaining core values of Swedish design and manufacturing, is of fundamental importance to us. We are committed in our opposition to ‘throw-away culture’. We want people to love to live with their furniture and to feel, understand and appreciate what good design is. We believe that good design and Made in Sweden is an ensuring of quality.

Our criteria has always been clean, elegant shapes with a quality that lasts and never goes out of style. A product to fall in love with, that you should be able to like as long as it lasts. Good design for us is a product that you can use and combine to almost any style. It should be obvious as if it has always been there. We put a big effort in making our furniture and carpets. Details are made with the uttermost attention and the materials are chosen because they are the most suitable and durable for that special item.