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Biblioteket rug
Designed by Emma Olbers in 2018 for the Old Library in the renowned Stockholm National Museum.

Biblioteket means library in Swedish. This is a hand knotted rug with a design that represents a mixture of Emma’s first sketches of the Old Library. With its three arches and three large windows at the top, in the middle rows of books in the old bookshelf and at the bottom the newly laid oak parquet.

Available Materials:

Biblioteket is a finely hand knotted Tibetan Thin with a mix of 50% (New Zealand) wool and 50% Tencel™. Tencel™ is a natural fiber from fast growing forests and is 95% bio degradable.

The Tibetan Thin knotted rugs have the same type of knot as the Tibetan rugs, but they are slightly thinner with a shorter pile and more delicate cut. They are very well suited for design pattern and colour mix.

Available Colour Options:

Available only in one set colour scheme.

Available Alternatives:

Small: 255 x 205 cm
Medium: 255 x 233 cm
Large: 255 x 285 cm

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