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Designed by Marie-Louise Hellgren 2018.

Hand tufted rug. Approximate weight: 3,5kg/sqm.

The Wedge carpets has a unique pattern inspired by wooden waste material turned into an indigo coloured floor that Hellgren exhibited at TENT London 2017.

Wedge 2 that is launched 2020, presents the original pattern from Wedge in new colours and variations. Also Wedge 2 is available in different materials, either as mix in material between 50%Wool and 50%Tencel or in 100% Wool with pattern in Tencel.

Marie-Louise Hellgren

Geometric patterns and especially circular shapes have, been a recurring item throughout Marie-Louise Hellgrens designs and the Wedge carpets are not an exception. However, there is a subtle twist to the patterns, if you take a closer look you may find small spontaneous variations to the hand-sketched geometric designs. For Marie-Louise it is always important that her work includes humor, subtle energy that, at a first glance may look symmetric, but then surprises you with something new every time you look.​

​”Timeless design together with a sustainable and circular way of thinking have always been important for me. Every piece that I create should have a subtle presence and a message without being intrusive” says Marie- Louise.

Available Materials:

1) 100% Wool, with stripes in Tencel® *White (01) always in 100% Wool
2) Wool and Tencel® blend

Available Colour Options:

SUGGESTED options:
1) Wedge 2 – Base in White (01) with lines in Khaki (41), contrasting line Deep Purple (29)
2) Wedge 2 – Base in Camel (16) with lines in Beige (24) Contrasting line in Forest (79)
3) Wedge 2 – Base in Thunder (73) with lines in Light Grey (05) Contrasting line in Yellow (11)

Or choose Base, Pattern and Contrasting line from the standard colours.

Available Alternatives:

Wedge 2 Rug 90 x 150 cm
Wedge 2 Rug 160 x 240 cm
Wedge 2 Rug 200 x 300 cm

Also available in custom size, price/Sqm.

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