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by Anya Sebton & Eva Lilja Löwenhielm 2018.

Round table with base in solid oak panels. Top in 3 options with a solid oak edge in same colour as the base. Polyurethane treated stained oak or nano laminated top. Extra weight in the base for stability. Do not turn base up-side-down due to the weights inside. Do not lift the table in the top only. Delivered with base and top separately.

Available Materials:

Top: Stained Oak or Laminate.
Base: Stained Oak.

Available Colour Options:

Option 1: Dark Grey Stained Oak Base and Edge. Tops: Dark Grey Stained Oak

Option 2: Natural Oak (PU1) Base and Edge. Tops: Natural Oak (PU1)

Option 3: Teak Stained Oak Base and Edge. Tops: Teak Stained Oak

Option 4: White Stained Oak (P2) Base and Edge. Tops: White Stained Oak (P2)

Option 5: Chestnut Oak (PU10) Base and Edge. Top: Chestnut Oak (PU10)


Available Alternatives:

Palais Royal Table – Height: 73cm, Diameter: 130cm.

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