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by Broberg & RidderstrĂ¥le 2012.

Storage unit available with 5 doors. Top in transparent glass for display or in solid stone. Metal stand: H = 30 cm. Note that the cabinet with glass top has a fixed shelf about 7 cm below glass.

Available Materials:

Top: Transparent Glass or Solid Stone.
Cabinet: Stained Oak.
Stand: Powder Coated Metal.

Available Colour Options:

Glass: Transparent Glass.

Solid Stone: Belgian Limestone, Carrara Marble, Jura Grey Limestone, Nuvolato Marble.

Stained Oak: Black Walnut (P4), Dark Smoked (P6), White (P2).

Powder Coated Metal: Char Grey, Dark Sand, Deep Blue, Green Khaki, Nordic Blue, Storm Grey, Taupe, White.

Available Alternatives:

Luc Sideboard 200 (Doors w Stone Top) – Height: 70cm, Width: 200cm, Depth: 42cm.
Luc Sideboard 200 (Doors w Transparent Glass Top) – Height: 70cm, Width: 200cm, Depth: 42cm.

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