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ÎLE L14 & L15 RUG – NEWS 2022
Designed by Piero Lissoni 2004.

Hand tufted rug with a lower rim around edges. Approximate weight: 3,5kg/sqm.

île is a series of hand tufted rugs in geometric shapes. When designing these rugs Piero Lissoni had the transition spaces in mind; The spaces that did not naturally have a given position for a rectangular or round carpet. He wanted to twist our perspective and let us perceive a room from a new angle and with an open mind. These rugs have been proven more utile and have become one of our most popular rugs. They really make a homey rug – like an island – in those difficult spaces.

Available Materials:

Hand Tufted 50% Wool 50% Tencel.

Available Colour Options:

Standard Wool Tencel colours.

Available Alternatives:

Île L14 Rug 280 cm – 240 cm – 265 cm – 300 cm
Île L15 Rug 201,1 cm – 166,7 cm – 252,1 cm

Please note that the measurements are approximate as corners are rounded.

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