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ASPLUND Biblioteket rug
This rug is designed for the public library in Stockholms newly renovated and reopened National museum by Emma Olbers for ASPLUND carpets.
The story

Biblioteket means library in Swedish. This is a hand-knoted rug with design that represents a mixture of Emma’s first sketches of the Old Library in National Museum. With its three arches and three large windows at the top, in the middle rows of books in the old bookshelf and at the bottom the newly laid oak parquet.

Emma Olbers is a Swedish designer and creative director. Her mission is to try to design good products – good from all aspects, including being good for our planet. She has collaborated with a number of Scandinavian companies.

Emma Olbers was commissioned to design and furnish the Old Library of Sweden’s newly renovated National Museum, which was inaugurated by the end of 2018. The house, which dates from 1866, has been carefully renovated for several years. It has been a major project with a huge public interest in Sweden.

The concept

The mission for Emma in the Old library project has been to start off from sustainability and to create a space for rest, reflection and a place for smaller exhibitions from the large library archive.

– The inspiration has come from the Library’s old reading rooms, Swedish materials and good craftsmanship. It is a great honor to be able to decorate a room whose permanent interior was designed 100 years ago, which hopefully will be there for 100 years until maybe someone else takes over, this gives perspective. With the help of the green color, I wanted to create a calm and harmonious room, says Emma Olbers.

Some of the best specialists, designers and craftsmen were employed in various aspects of the National museum project. After the re-opening, the museum constantly sets new visitor records. The building itself is considered to be a major attraction, maybe even one of the most beautiful museums in the world. The Old library is a central room in the building. The re-opening was considered amongst art-critics to be one of the biggest art and culture events of the decade in Sweden.

The availability

ASPLUND and Emma Olbers co-operated in this prestigious project.

–  The best thing with all of this is that the rug will be available for worldwide sales. Already before official start of sales there has been a great interest from all over the world for this unique rug. It’s no wonder cause this will be a true centerpiece wherever it will be placed, in a private home, office or why not in an library? Making a unique design object available in this way makes me very proud says Thomas Asplund, CEO for ASPLUND.

The rug is made in a finely hand knotted tibetan knot with 50% wool and a 50% tencel mix. Tencel is a fast-growing wood that is converted into a textile fiber in an environmentally certified closed system.

Through our retailers and through our contract projects it’s now possible to buy the rug in three different sizes:

Large: 255x285cm
Medium: 255x233cm
Small: 255x205cm

Product images: ASPLUND
Editorial images copyrights: Andy Liffner, Nationalmuseum

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