Snow E (Glass Doors)

Snow E (Glass Doors)


by Thomas Sandell & Jonas Bohlin 1994.

Storage unit with 2 glass doors. Base: H = 4,5 cm of total height. Wall fixation is recommended to use. 


Available Materials:

Cabinet: Lacquered MDF.

Doors: Transparent Glass.

Base: Natural Birch is included as a standard.


Optional Base (for an additional cost): Black Walnut Oak (P4), Dark Smoked Oak (P6), Natural Oak (P1), White Stained Oak (P2) or Lacquered MDF (matching colour of cabinet). 


Available Colour Options:

Lacquered MDF: Char Grey, Dark Sand, Deep Blue, Green Khaki, Light Grey, Nordic Blue, Rose, Storm Grey, Taupe, White. 

Transparent Glass: Transparent Glass. 


Available Alternatives:

Snow E D30 (Glass Doors) - Height: 109cm, Width: 90cm, Depth: 30cm.

Snow E D42 (Glass Doors) - Height: 109cm, Width: 90cm, Depth: 42cm.

Optional Base (Oak instead of Natural Birch).

Optional Base (Lacquered MDF instead of Natural Birch).

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