Kilt Open 137

Kilt Open 137


by Claesson Koivisto Rune 2010.

Storage unit with an open front and fixed shelves. Cabinet and legs in monochrome colours. Measurement from left: 38/37/62 cm. Solid Oak Legs: H = 5 cm. 


Available Materials:

Cabinet / Legs: Stained Oak. 


Available Colour Options:

Stained Oak: Black Walnut (P4), Dark Smoked (P6), White (P2). 


Available Alternatives:

Kilt Open 137 D29.5 - Height: 60cm, Width: 137cm, Depth: 29,5cm.

Kilt Open 137 D43.5 - Height: 60cm, Width: 137cm, Depth: 43,5cm.

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