Stitch Rug

Stitch Rug


by Pia Wallén 2017. 

Hand woven dhurrie rug with set base colours and hand stitched pattern in contrasting colour. Approximate weight: 1,5kg/sqm. 


Available Materials:

Base / Pattern: Hand Woven 100% Wool. 


Available Colour Options:

Base: Natural Grey, Natural White (61).

Pattern: Black Indigo (55), Camel (16), Olive (10), Orange (12), Yellow (11). 


Available Alternatives:

Star Dhurrie Rug 150x80 - Length: 150cm, Width: 80cm.

Star Dhurrie Rug 260x80 - Length: 260cm, Width: 80cm.

Star Dhurrie Rug 240x160 - Length: 240cm, Width: 160cm.

Star Dhurrie Rug 330x220 - Length: 330cm, Width: 220cm.

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