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by Thomas Eriksson 2006.
Tables with metal stand and a laminated top with polyurethane lacquered edges and underside. Red Dot Award winner. Delivered in flatpack. Stands: W = 10cm each. Bermuda Table 200x90cm and 240x90cm: the open space between the stands is 130cm. Bermuda Table 280x90cm: the open space between the stands is 170cm wide.
Available Materials:
Top: Laminate.
Stand: Powder Coated Metal.
Available Colour Options:
Laminate: White ColorCore.
Stand: White Grey Stand.
Available Alternatives:
Bermuda 200x90 - Height: 72cm, Width: 200cm, Depth: 90cm.
Bermuda 240x90 - Height: 72cm, Width: 240cm, Depth: 90cm.
Bermuda 280x90 - Height: 72cm, Width: 280cm, Depth: 90cm.
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