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Carpet Care Guide

In general, the life length of a carpet is mainly based on 2 things:

1. The technique and yarn quality.

2. How you take care of it.


A high quality carpet regardless of technique and quality, shall be maintained with stain removal, whipping and vacuuming regularly.



Wool fibres will come of  the first months, speed up the process by vacuuming it regularly. Use brush out only once or twice, then without brush to preserve the pile.

Instant stain removal – use a damp lukewarm natural cloth with a tiny bit of wooden soap water, preferably the yellow kind to avoid bleed. Dab the stain until the stain is gone. If you need more water, do use a towel under the rug/carpet to make sure that it does not go through to the floor. Rinse the cloth and finish off with a clean damp cloth. Blow dry the wet spot with a  hairdryer (medium heat,minimum 30 cm away from the pile).

For oil stains we recommend you to use – Cornstarch, baking soda or talcum to absorb the oil for 15 minutes. Vacuum the powder off. Blot with a damp soap water cloth to rinse the oil and powder further. Finish with a damp clean cloth. Be sure to never rub on an oil stain since it will just push the oil further into the yarn fibers.


Fine fibres will come of  the first months, speed up the process by vacuuming it regularly. Use brush out only once or twice, then without brush to preserve the pile.

Stains on silk or Tencel rugs should preferably not be removed with too much water. Try a slightly lukewarm damp cloth on a small part of the rug/carpet to be sure of the result. For severe stains; Pour some baking soda on the stain, let stay 30–60 minutes, then vaccum over it. For odor removal spray lightly with a mix of water and clear vinegar. Wipe/dab off carefully after a couple of minutes. Never use hot water on silk or tencel, it will destroy the fibres.


Do not wait too long to take your rug/carpet to the dry cleaners if needed. If you have ingrown stains they will be difficult to remove. Always wash at a professional carpet cleaner. A good cleaner knows which rug/carpet would be water washed or dry cleaned, flat cleaned or cleaned hanging. Make sure that the label always stays on for the cleaner to have the yarn and manufacturing quality.

Avoid to bring your rug/carpet to the cleaner too often though. Instead, take good care of it so you do not have to.

A hand tufted rug/carpet may for example risk having the backcloth damaged if washed too often.


An old northern tip is to put your rug/carpet upside down in the snow during winter. This is really good for the carpets in general but shall not be made on the ones with strongly contrasting colours. And please note, tufted rugs shall only be turned and whipped in the snow shortly, otherwise if really cold outside it may break the backing cloth and glue.



Never use chemicals on your rug/carpet.

Rotate your rug/carpet once in a while so it will be worn evenly and to avoid direct sunlight shadings.

We provide general carpet care advice, always check the separate carpet or advice a professional carpet cleaner.

Stain removal methods is depending on which type of stain it is.