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Designed by Anya Sebton & Eva Lilja Löwenhielm 2013.

The wool used in this carpet is a natural wool and gives the weave a melange look. The edges have a contrasting colour for that special touch.

The pattern in the C Carpet is very subtle, yet interesting. It is actually the Dhurrie weave (base) that forms the pattern, which makes this carpet unique.

Available Materials:

The technique of the C Carpet is extra time consuming and requires exceptionally skilled craftsmen. The base of this carpet is a hand woven Dhurrie in 100% wool (New Zealand and fine Indian wool mix) where a pattern/pile is knotted onto the base by hand. 

Available Colour Options:

Base: Natural Dark Grey (63), Natural Rye (64), Natural White (61) or Natural Grey (68).

Lines: Natural White (61)

Edges colour choose between standard colours Yellow (11), Apple (34), Orange (12), Pink (40), Black Indigo (55), Pea (46), Baby Pink (54) or Sky Blue (27).

Available Alternatives:

C Carpet 90 x 150 cm
C Carpet 160x 240 cm
C Carpet 200 x 300 cm

Also available in custom size, price/Sqm.


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