Otto Mirror Small

Otto Mirror Small


by Anya Sebton & Eva Lilja Löwenhielm 2016.

Wall mounted circular mirror with a horizontal metal shelf. Metal wall fixture included. Screws for attachment against wall are not included. 


Available Materials:

Structure: Powder Coated Metal. 

Mirror: Mirror Glass. 


Available Colour Options:

Option 1: Char Grey Structure, Smoked Mirror. 

Option 2: Bronze Structure, Bronze Mirror. 

Option 3: Green Khaki Structure, Clear Mirror. 

Option 4: Nordic Blue Structure, Clear Mirror. 


Available Alternatives:

Otto Small Mirror (Bronze or Smoked Mirror Glass) - Diameter: 60cm, Depth: 10cm.

Otto Small Mirror (Clear Mirror Glass) - Diameter: 60cm, Depth: 10cm.

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