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by James Irvine 1999.

Hand tufted rug with set base colours and pattern in contrasting colour.Approximate weight: 3,5kg/sqm.

Available Materials:

Base / Pattern: Hand Tufted 100% Wool.

Available Colour Options:

Option 1: Elephant Grey (18) Base. Yellow (11) Pattern.
Option 2: Elephant Grey (18) Base. Green (09) Pattern.
Option 3: Elephant Grey (18) Base. Light Blue (25) Pattern.
Option 4: Elephant Grey (18) Base. Bright Orange (19) Pattern.

Available Alternatives:

X5 Rug 200×160 – Length: 200cm, Width: 160cm.
X5 Rug 250×200 – Length: 250cm, Width: 200cm.

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