Tati Dining Table 140

Tati Dining Table 140


by Broberg & Ridderstråle 2012.

Dining table without overhanging sides/extension. Stone tops are delivered separate from table stand. Standard with adjustable feet that will add 0,5 cm to the height. 


Available Materials:

Top: Solid Stone, Lacquered Oak or Stained Oak.

Stand: Powder Coated Metal. 


Available Colour Options:

Solid Stone: Belgian Limestone, Carrara Marble, Jura Grey Limestone, Nuvolato Marble

Lacquered Oak: Char Grey (P5), Green Khaki (P5), Nordic Blue (P5), Nougat (P5), Storm Grey (P5), White (P5).

Stained Oak: Black Walnut (P4), White (P2).

Powder Coated Metal: Bronze, Char Grey, Green Khaki, Nordic Blue, Nougat, Storm Grey, White. 


Available Alternatives:

Tati Dining Table 140 (Lacquered Oak or Stained Oak Top) - Height: 72cm, Width: 140cm, Depth: 85cm.

Tati Dining Table 140 (Stone Top) - Height: 72cm, Width: 140cm, Depth: 85cm.

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