Wedge has a unique pattern inspired by wooden waste material turned in to a indigo coloured floor that Hellgren exhibited at TENT London 2017. Geometric patterns have been a recurring item throughout her design and the Wedge carpet is not an exception. However there is a subtle twist to the pattern, and if you look close you may find small spontaneous variations to the geometric pattern. Wedge carpet is hand tufted in the sustainable Tencel® fibre, available in two colours, Blue shades and Neutrals.

”Finding a natural flow of light was essential when creating the wedge carpet, the radiance from the Tencel fibre enhance that in an optimal way.” -Marie-Louise Hellgren 

TENCEL® is a branded lyocell fibre of botanic origin, extracted from raw materials like eucalyptus. The TENCEL® fibre has many advantages in terms of sustainability Eco-friendly production, due to the closed loop system. The raw material wood stems from fast growing forest plantations without cultivating forestland suitable for agriculture. Also, water consumption is 10 - 20 times lower than with cotton.

“We believe that taking action and contribute to a more sustainable environment is important for each company. We have worked with high quality carpets for many years and are very excited to add this new material to the collection. In the future we aim to work more frequently with TENCEL® in our carpet collection” – Sandra Adrian Asplund 


Rug with pattern in hand tufted Tencel®. 

H: 240 cm x W: 160 cm.
Available in Custom Sizes.

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