by Mattias Stenberg 2017.

After the success with the award winning Horizon tapestry rugs, we wanted to make a carpet that plays with materials and colours in the same way but has a more minimalistic approach. The shading is made of thousands of threads in different wool, viscose mixes and a vast dying process available in 2 colour sets; green or blue tones.

Available Woolsilk Combinations:
H: 240 x W: 160 cm.
Customer Size / Sq. Meters.

Reseizing Pattern by Scale, if not: Drawing is Required.

Available Colours:
"Blues", 55 Black Indigo and 76 Cloud to 05 Light Grey.
"Greens", 04 Dark Grey and 18 Elephant to 05 Light Grey.

"Browns", 16 Camel and 23 Light Beige to 01 White.


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