By Anya Sebton & Eva Lilja Löwenhielm 2013.

Hand woven carpet in 100% wool with a hand knotted pile. Edge in contrasting colour.

Available Sizes:
W: 80 cm x L: 150 cm.
W: 160 cm x L: 240 cm.
W: 220 cm x L: 330 cm.
Customer Size / Sq. Meters.

Available in the following colours, selected by the designer:
Weave in:
Natural White 61.

Pile in:
Natural Rye 64.
Natural Light Grey 60.
Natural Dark Grey 63.

Edge in:
Yellow 11.
Apple 34.
Orange 12.
Pink 40.
Black indigo 55.
Pea 46.
Baby Pink 54.
Sky Blue 27.


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