Eija Metal Light

Eija Metal Light


by Mattias Stenberg 2018 (2017).

The idea of making a lounge chair has been our wish for a long time. Our work with Mattias has been very giving and his sense of perfection and our playfulness has proven to be a fruitful collaboration. The Eija series consist now of a metal version with a metal back (Eija Metal), and a metal version without a metal back (Eija Metal Light) but with a seat and back cushion with internal support, in different colours/materials. Both can be paired with different leather handles.

Available Size:
H: 67* cm x W: 72 cm x D: 76 cm. 

*without back cushion.

Available Metal Colours (indoor and outdoor use):
Char Grey.
Green Khaki.

Additional Leather Handles available (a pair):
Dark Brown.

For more info, options etc please contact one of our retailers.

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