By Mattias Stenberg & Thomas Sandell 2016

When combining two architects and charter them with designing occational tables, it turns out you end up with a reaction to everything straight and angled. The Plectra tables in two sizes are all about smoothnes, visual as well as tactile. The table tops are available in ash wood, natural stone as well as Corian are shaped as a plectra with long sloped rounded edges.

Available colour of the stand: Anthracite, White, Deep Blue, Nougat, Violet, Storm Grey, Nordic Blue, Green Khaki, Bronze


Small: W: 63 cm x L: 65 cm x H: 31,5 cm

Medium: W: 86 cm x L: 82 cm x H: 42 cm

Available Metal Stand Colours:
15 White
30 Deep Blue
35 Nougat
40 Storm Grey
44 Nordic Blue
45 Green Khaki
47 Taupe
48 Bronze (extra +5% cost/fee)
49 Char Grey

Available Ash Tops:
White Stained Ash (AP2)
Dark Smoked Ash (AP6)

ASPLUND Colour Guide

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