In our STUDIO we are full with creative energy. We work with purchase, visual planning , product developement , R&D ,customization, interiors , kitchen planning , furnishings, graphics etc. Our strength is that we work with all the parts in the different processes and we are both a producer that can customize and find interesting solutions but also as a retailer where we have direct communication with clients and their needs every day . We also have the asplund store´s full range of brands to work with. We always strive to see to the clients wishes and many times problem solving can be a seed for new ideas and developments This closeness to the end customer is one of the most crucial engines in our company.

If you want to know a little bit more about what we do, please have a look at ASPLUND kitchen and ASPLUND interiors, the studio also works closely with the CONTRACT department for optimized solutions, If you are an Interior architect , architect or procurer. visit the above or have a look at ASPLUND Contract. We are also working with developing the collection .