Almost all furniture in ASPLUND Collection is made to order in factories in Tibro and Skillingaryd in Sweden, where several steps in the production are done by hand. ASPLUND is deeply engaged in the processes, from sketches to the finished products, and often customizes items to meet individual clients’ needs and preferences. 

By producing our furniture in Sweden we support our local industry and the skilled craftsmen, as well as we ensure ethic and environmentally friendly production. Only carefully selected, mostly natural and durable materials are used. Natural materials often require a bit of love and care, but in return, they age beautifully and last a lifetime.




For 20 years, Asplund’s carpets have been made by hand, in a small family-owned factory in India. It is a factory that cares deeply for its employees and their families. Here, wool is spun into yarn, dyed in a boiling pot, and then tufted, knotted or woven into beautiful carpets, using the finest techniques. “Throughout the years, the factory has delivered an unprecedented quality,” says Michael Asplund. Asplund’s carpets are made of materials like fine silk and high quality New Zealand Wool, which is rich in natural fats that give the carpets a natural lustre while also providing good protection against stains.