We love food - both cooking it and eating it! It’s this love that has enabled us to take fifteen years to develop our very own kitchen. A kitchen that meets our high standards. Obviously, the aesthetic quality is very important. Our kitchen is beautiful and aesthetically thought out in every detail. But everyone that loves to cook knows that the practical and functional elements are even more important. A kitchen must endure much wear and tear for many years and still look fresh. Therefore, we have put at least as much effort inside as on the outside.

Our kitchen have the same quality and design standard as our furniture which makes it both enjoyable to use and nice to look at. The genuine quality of our kitchen, inside and out, makes it long-lasting and it withstand the heavy daily use of a kitchen. In the extended family of ASPLUND | Kök and ASPLUND | Collection we also make fitted wardrobe and bathroom systems. For more information or to book a consultation contact us at