Frame XL (Covered)

Frame XL (Covered)


by Anya Sebton & Eva Lilja Löwenhielm 2014.

Storage unit with 1 folding g door. Covered front and sides. Standard: hinges mounted on left hand side. Base: H = 6cm. Bracket for wall attachment can be ordered separately. 


Available Materials:

Cabinet: Lacquered MDF.

Doors / Shelves: Lacquered MDF. 

Handles: Natural Leather.


Available Colour Options:

Lacquered MDF: Char Grey, Dark Sand, Deep Blue, Green Khaki, Nordic Blue, Storm Grey, Taupe, White. 

Natural Leather: Black, Cognac, Dark Brown, Natural.


Available Alternatives:

Frame XL (Covered Doors and Covered Sides) - Height: 206cm, Width: 80cm, Depth: 40cm.

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