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by Broberg & Ridderstråle 2014.
Storage unit with one door to the left, an open section to the right (with glass backing) and one drawer to the lower right. Stand: H = 30 cm.
Available Materials:
Cabinet: Lacquered MDF.
Backing: Lacquered Glass.
Drawer: Stained Oak.
Door: Laminate.
Stand: Powder Coated Metal.
Available Colour Options:
Option 1: White Cabinet, Deep Blue Backing, White (P2) Drawer, Brushed Brass Door, White Stand.
Option 2: Deep Blue Cabinet, Turquoise Backing, Black Walnut (P4) Drawer, Brushed Brass Door, Deep Blue Stand.
Option 3: Storm Grey Cabinet, Nordic Blue Backing, White (P2) Drawer, Brushed Brass Door, Storm Grey Stand.
Option 4: Taupe Cabinet, Storm Grey Backing, Dark Smoked (P6) Drawer, Brushed Bronze Door, Taupe Stand.
Available Alternatives:
Besson Deluxe - Height: 135cm, Width: 98,5cm, Depth: 40,5cm.
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