ASPLUND has since the start of the company for a little more than 25 years ago, produced mainly furniture and carpets , but also other products with our keywords: 
Or with the device some people say ”a friendly mInimalism". Our criterias have always been clean, elegant shapes with a quality that lasts and never goes out of style. An interesting and good design that you should be able to like as long as it lasts. Good design for us is a product that you can use and combine to almost any style. It should be obvious as if it has always been there. We put a big effort in making our furniture and carpets. Details are made with the uttermost attention, materials chosen because they are the most suitable and durable for that special item.

We want our products to be a part of peoples lives for a long time. Many things in our collections are made entirely or partially by hand. this means that it will not look the same if it would have been made fully industrially. It looks and feels more soft and real. It may vary from piece to piece and it might have to be maintained but it will also age beautifuly. Most of the items in our collection is made upon order. That means that the product is made specially for the client after order is placed.

We constantly strive to make a better product, a more effective process and sustainable production.
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The things we produce


ASPLUND KÖK and ASPLUND EDITION are ”sister” brands to our collection and can only be purchased directly through ASPLUND (temporary exceptions can be made).


In this little collection we have products made in small series and exquisite materials. Sometimes with a too high cost to manufacture and resell for the retailer market but we want to give our customers good design and keep them in this little ”edition” instead.

ASPLUND KITCHEN is a fast growing part in the ASPLUND group, both for private residences and for real estate projects. For the moment we only sell it through the store/studio and through contract department .

The collection team:

Lina Pedersen - Sweden -
Camilla Bröms - Contract -
Nina Brisius - Export -
Helena Elsmen - Admin -
Alexandra Beltowska - Logistics -
Thomas Asplund - CEO -
Sandra Adrian Asplund - C.D -
Madeleine Gillgren - Press -